Directional development specification

Mr. Parker decorative wall technology co., LTD., the core team has nearly 30 years of industry experience, for decorative materials production and extension of applications has a deep research for a long time, for aluminum, wood plastic extrusion, keel rolling, metal bending, stamping, hardware, plastic injection mold, structural design, application design has a very mature experience, design thinking broadly.

Over the past 20 years, we have developed many kinds of furniture and partition hardware application products for AMQ office furniture company, India, dubai and other well-known design companies in the United States, and undertaken the assembly wall, multi-functional display rack and other system products of jinyi tao national storefront of foshan exception space creative design engineering co., LTD.Undertake shenzhen coordinate decoration engineering co., LTD. Commissioned by the construction of ceramic industry assembly wall, and ceramic tile dry hanging and exhibition equipment system product development.For large decoration enterprises have been relying on the collection of franchise fees and traditional construction operations to obtain profits, through the channel output of industrial space products gorgeous transformation!We are good helpers for designers!The best designers are those who can design with structure.

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