Mr. Parker brand

Founded in 2013, Bates decoration wall technology (foshan) co., ltd. is committed to the research and development of assembly wall technology, and strive to become the most outstanding assembly wall technology leader.Parker, a set of built-in industrial prefabricated wall materials, characteristics of technology, facing hardware such as research and development, design, application, manufacture in one, is committed to dominated by technical support, assembly technology as the core, the industry together to drive, lean manufacturing tools, to provide customers with the industrialization of the interior space assembly system solutions, stimulate the creativity of peoples living and office and happiness!

The research and development direction changes the traditional backward decoration construction technology, and develops the structural parts for hanging various decorative materials, so as to make the hidden structure more environmentally friendly and low-carbon, so that people can work and live in a more fresh and comfortable environment

Domestic commercial space, hotel space, bedroom space second disassembly and installation frequently, resulting in the waste of decorative materials, human cost is staggering as the waste on the Chinese table.Refuse to decorate excessively, dry law works, reuse, reduce urban construction to decorate rubbish, urgent.Set up a set of integrated design standards and product modules for the interior decoration of ceiling and floor wall, so as to industrialize and industrialize the interior decoration of assembly type.Realize the space can be sold, recyclable, mobile.That is our goal, but also our mission.

Green design

The humanized customized design of "harmonious coexistence of environment and nature" integrates the concept of green environmental protection and sustainable development from appearance to structure function.

Green material

Use low carbon environmental protection materials, so as to be healthy, non-toxic and formaldehyde-free;Material reuse rate up to 80%, can be repeatedly disassembled and assembled, repeated use.

Green construction

Construction site full industrialization dry method operation, reduce construction waste;Quick and convenient installation, reduce noise and on-site construction operation, minimize the impact on users;Controllable construction period, fast and timely delivery to the site.

| project schedule is controllable | quality and quality is controllable | decoration effect is controllable | environmental protection index is controllable

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